How important is it to know the course?

How many times have you watched professional golfers take some information from the golf course map or ask their caddies about the distance or even the slope of the green? 
Most amateurs don't really pay attention to game strategy, study the slope and distance or consider the type of shot to play . How many times have you said after hitting a ball :

 I knew it! 

The laser just like the golf course maps are a very important instruments in golf. This will enable you to evaluate if you can aim straight to the target slightly left or right. In my experience, the best solution and solution is to always aim a few meters between the flag and the center of the green, except if you are close to the green (and of course always consider the level of your game).

What you find on golf maps of players? 
This golf map showed previously is from the tour, you can easily understand how many details are important to the player: 
                          - Distance from the tee shot to the landing area;
                          - Distance to the target;
                          - Distance for lay-up (par 5 or long par 4);
                          - The position of the flag, how deep it is and the landing area;
                          The slopes of the green calculate in percentages or degrees that help the players understand 
                            better the slope of the greens and where they have to aim.

This is why new systems have been developed to help golfers learn to read the greens (Aim point express for example) .
The best advice that I can give you is : if you find trouble with your first shot off the tee, try and to lay-up on the fairway in order to give yourself a third shot from comfortable distance using your favorite club . If you think more about your strategy and less about the club position at the top , you will be on your way to winning some tournaments . . .
If the position of the flag is too difficult , aim in the middle of the green, you will have more chance to lower your score..

Team dbprogolf