Why Indoor is a great learning environment?

The good thing about training in an indoor environment is that you don't react to the ball flight. Typically golfers, Pros and Amateurs, react to the ball flight (external feedback) rather than keep focusing on what they are trying to achieve technically. An indoor environment helps to find and correct the foundation of the swing changes that you are going to implement.

Changing one’s awareness of the club or body can encourage all other segments to adapt and behave differently. This is why we need to fully concentrate on the motion first.

It would be then a good thing to go to the range during practice, to assimilate what you have learned and see how the ball flight has changed.

Using the right technologies, the learning process will be faster!

  • Video and 3D tell WHAT an athlete does
  • Physical screening tells WHY the golfer does it that way.
  • Force and pressure tell HOW the golfer does it.

DB Golf Center is the ultimate and most innovative Golf Performance

and Fitness Center in Singapore

The Center provides a unique and customized program for each student, using the most advanced technology in the golf, fitness and physio area. The combination of these elements allow us to reach incredible results in our golfers, from building strong and competitive junior athletes to help the average adult golfers reach their max performance and goals.

Every 3/6 months each student will be evaluated through different tests, identifying new strengths and weaknesses.

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DB Golf Center Team