Junior Development

Golf Junior Development Plan

is an innovative approach toward junior golf improvement, using the most advanced technologies in the golf and fitness market. Based on the principles of Long-Term Athletic Development (LTAD), we believe using physical, technical and mental activities that are appropriate in juniors is truly the best way to go about developing Athletes. These activities are challenging yet rewarding. Young athletes will gain strength, kinesthetic awareness, speed, agility, balance and confidence all traits found in today`s very best athletes.

Our mission is to build Champions and to do so we have to start to follow important steps from the beginning of our Juniors' journey.

We run 2 different Plans;

  • Youth 34 hours
  • Champion 68 hours

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We cover all areas of the game with these young junior golfers. We incorporate instruction in all areas of the game such as (golf performance, on-course, fitness, rules, and etiquette). We also make sure that the juniors are learning and developing the “FMS” (Fundamental Movement Skills). Fundamental Movement Skills plus Fundamental Sports Skills equals Physical Literacy!

The junior golfers will also have the opportunity to play on course as soon as they will pass the initial course test (PC).

Fundamental Movement Skills:

1. Locomotive Skills: Running, Jumping, Dodging, Skipping, Hopping, Bounding, Sprinting

2. Stability Skills (ABC’s of Athleticism): Agility, Balance, Coordination, speed, Change of Direction

3. Manipulative / Object Control Skills: Throw, Kick, Strike, Catch, Dribble

4. Awareness: Space Awareness, Kinesthetic Awareness, Body Awareness, Rules

Youth Group

The juniors in this age group will be also taken through the SMASH Zone:

• Stability

• Mobility

• ABC’s (Agility, Balance, Coordination, Speed)

• Sport Skills

• Highlight your Golf Skills

We are continuing to develop our juniors golf performance, moving to the 2nd phase: on course instruction, as well as physical strength and functional movements. The junior golfers will also have the opportunity to play more often on course and be part of the SGA and LLD Competitions.

The Academy will also start selecting Players to compete nationally and internationally.

Champion Group

It's mandatory for them to be part of the most golf competitions available in Singapore and if selected by the DB Golf Center Team also overseas.

This plan is for ages 11-20 and is a plan for the more experienced junior golfer who has aspirations to play in College or at high level. The junior must have tournament experience and have a scoring average under 80 for 18 holes. We focus on technique, skill training, practice plans, goal setting, golf fitness as well as the mental strategies of scoring.

Each individual will be considered as an individual, but still training as a Team. We will create specific plans, with the use also of Golf Statistics.

Parent's Rule:

We would like to share some important rules taken from USKids Golf that we believe are vital to make your child's journey as great as it can be:

• It is necessary to be aware that this is your child's journey - not your trip. You do not live indirectly through them. Set yourself as a goal of being favorable and encouraging parents

Respect the rules, the opponents and the arbitration decisions. The referees are doing their best. A referee has a better position and a better understanding of the rules for making the right decision

Cheer but never replace coaches' role

• Never underline an unsuccessful competition and avoid reproaches

• If your child is more difficult than others, let him understand that what matters is the process of growth over time. Do not evaluate performances compared to those of others, do not impose comparisons, because each child has their own learning time

• Always show yourself interested in your child's competitions by always highlighting the improvements, without putting pressure. It is essential to motivate but without creating ambitious expectations

• Make your presence felt in times of difficulty by minimizing the negative aspects and promoting positive ones. Emphasize any improvement, even if it is not equal to expectations

• Always encourage your child to improve, but make him understand that knowing how to lose is more important and more difficult than knowing how to win

• Help your child establish realistic milestones and goals for his possibilities. Learn to also accept the limits

Stimulate its autonomy and independence by avoiding being omnipresent and always deciding on everything

• Offer unlimited support, always based on positive criticism

• Safety arises from approval, encouragement and objective analysis. Children are strict and fair judges 

Never interfere with technical choices and relationships with other game components.

• Statistically it is highly unlikely that your child will become the best player in the world, so just let him enjoy this trip. Use this wonderful sport as a vehicle to teach the life lessons they will need during their growth..

• Children start this journey to live a playful experience and learn to love this sport. They play for fun and not to satisfy our pride or to compensate for our frustrations

• Parents, finally enjoy the experience of your child, share with him this exciting journey in the world of US Kids Golf and enjoy unique and unforgettable moments with your children, moments that you will remember for a lifetime and will never come back .

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