The most advanced 3D putting system.

Davide is the only Capto Expert in Asia. Capto is a hi-tech and lightweight sensor that uses cutting-edge technology to provide accurate, detailed and reliable data on the putting stroke. It uses advanced software to display the data intuitively and in real-time. Because of the small size, easy setup and freedom in data capture you can use it anywhere on the green and play any distance or direction you want. It works indoor as well as outdoor and there is no need for large or heavy external devices.

This makes Capto the most portable and versatile putting sensor on the market with the largest amount of data parameters. 

It generates information that is impossible to pick up with the ‘naked eye’. It is simply a ‘must have’ for anyone who is serious about putting.

Capto EZ | Capto Golf USA

Swing Catalyst

Record. Analyze. Improve.

Leap to the next level with Swing Catalyst - the most user-friendly and powerful video analysis software in golf.

It also provides the most advanced plates on the market such as Balance Plate, Motion Plate, or Dual Force Plate. You will be able to see the invisible forces at work in every swing.

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CobraPuma Golf

Confortable. Unique. Performant.

PUMA Golf is the leader in the golf market. It provides stylish, high performance Golf Shirts, Golf Cleats, and Golf Apparel. Follow PUMA Golf to look better, feel better, and play better.

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Rehabilitation. Prevention. Increase performance.

Desmotec devices are innovative tools suitable for physiotherapists, trainers, rehabilitation and injuries prevention programs.

The innovative Desmotec Devices exploit eccentric movement and are suitable in the athletic, rehab and physiotherapeutic fields. The regular use of these machines greatly contributes to muscular activation and injury prevention. The software D.Soft provides and tracks real-time data during the workout session. This technology offers the possibility to plan and monitor the training sessions, running tests, evaluating results and saving data on the Cloud. Desmotec founded an Academy formed by specialists who constantly offer their support in the research and development process, along with universities, sports associations, physiotherapists and trainers.

DB Golf Center is recognized as an Accredited Center. His Managing Director, Davide Bertoli, is responsible of running researches and programs related to Golf.

We are providing an excellent program of training using the two most advanced Demostec machines such as D Evo and V Full. Our Team is able to work on the ground reaction force of the player and in every part of the body, in order to build power, muscles, strength, coordination and speed.


SIK Golf

The most advanced technology in putting. Come now for your fitting!

SIK is the creators of the PATENTED Descending Loft Technology.

They do not cut corners in production; our putters are 100% CNC milled from 303 Stainless Steel bars. So every putter we make is the same as they use on TOUR.

Our putters are proven winners on the PGA Tour & we do not pay to play. SIK is used on TOUR because DLT helps players SCORE.

We make custom putters and as a result we build to order. That means we start with a raw steel head which is then configured with a raw steel hosel and bead blasted, hand painted, shafted, specs adjusted (loft and lie), and then cut and gripped.