Managing Director & Head Coach

Instagram: db.golfcoach

Davide is well recognized in Asia as one of the most knowledgeable coaches in regards to maximizing body kinetics, relative to the swing speed. He is also a Fundamental Sports related Musculoskeletal Anatomy Expert.

Davide loves to dig into the science of golf and is a strong motivator. He is the owner and head Coach of DB Golf Center, a unique concept in Singapore that provides Golf Performance, Fitness, and Physiotherapy.

Davide is the creator of 2 innovative Golf Certifications: The Force's Effect and The Wedge Zone. For now, the 2-day certification is only open for Golf and Fitness Coaches.

He had the pleasure of mentoring over 190 coaches worldwide and 31 Tour Players (1 ranked in the top 90 in the World).

Davide has been involved in more than 25 seminars around the world.

In January 2020 Davide was also invited as a speaker to the PGA Show in Orlando Florida to talk about how to maximize the swing using the ground for Swing Catalyst

In December 2023, he participated as a panelist at the prestigious Asian Golf Congress held in Singapore. The central theme of the discussion centered around the compelling topic, "Golf Strikes Balance: Mental and Physical Fitness to Ace the Game."

"Results do not come out of nowhere" is what drives him to succeed in this business. Davide always emphasizes that he could not be a great Coach without technology. His golf view is to find in students the most efficient and easy way to hit the ball and to be the most consistent, based on their physical capability.

His way of coaching and grit to study continually led him to receive important recognitions such as:

  • 2016 as Swing Catalyst Ambassador, one of the most important research centers for the ground reaction force, becoming one of their ambassadors and part of a group of well-noted Tour Coaches
  • 2015 as Ambassador of Cobra Puma Golf. He is wearing and showcasing the brand with confidence after establishing a great relationship with the team during these years
  • 2019 Sport Singapore Congress: Build Athletes in Sports. Davide was invited to be one of the panelists
  • 2020 as Capto Expert for Asia, the 3D Putting Analysis System. He is the only expert for Capto Technology in Asia (https://www.captogolf.com). He travels around Asia to run workshops for Capto
  • 2020 PGA Show Panelist
  • 2021 Part of the Desmotec Team. Desmotec is the leader in rehab and performance. Davide is now a Member of the Desmotec Academy and the DB Golf Center is the only Accredited Center to run certifications and courses
  • 2023 Japan Golf Digest explaining the findings of his short game research about grip pressure, swing style, movement patterns, club head and ball data
  • 2024 July World Congress of Golf: Wedge Grip Pressure Research Presentation: 2 Years of research, 90 amateurs tested, 30 Tour Players
  • 2024 Australian Golf Magazine: The role of the spine in the golf swing

Jeremy Wendelken

Golf Coach

Jeremy came over to Asia in 2018 to compete in the Asian Tour and Asian Development Tour. He graduated from Sonoma State University with a Business Marketing Degree.

Adapting to the challenges posed by the global pandemic, Jeremy seamlessly transitioned into coaching, discovering an unexpected but deep-rooted passion for guiding aspiring golfers on their journey. His coaching philosophy extends beyond the traditional boundaries, encompassing a diverse range of students, from beginners taking their first swing to seasoned players seeking to refine their skills.

Jeremy's coaching focus particularly shines when working with children and young adults, a demographic he is genuinely passionate about. Regardless of skill level, he is committed to unlocking the full potential of each individual, nurturing their love for the game, and helping them chase their dreams. Whether the goal is to become a consistent and formidable golfer or to chart a course towards professional tours, Jeremy's coaching approach is characterized by dedication, enthusiasm, and a genuine desire to see his students thrive.


• 2008-2009 Division II National Championship Team

• 2010 Washington State Amateur Championship

• 2010 Dominican Invitational Champion

• 2010-2011 Member of Third-Team All American

• 2012 Appointed Sonoma State Men’s Golf Team Captain

• 2018 8th place in the PGM Sabah Championship

• 2022 5th place in the OB Golf Invitational Jababeka 

• 2023 12th place in the Toyota Tour Championship