Golf Program

Golf Program

The golf area includes:

5 Private Bays

  • 1 GCQuad in each bay
  • 2 Bays incorporate swing catalyst force and balance plates, analyzing your ground reaction forces (GRF). It's all about how you use the ground to your advantage to generate more clubhead speed and great sequence.
  • 3D system
  • High speed cameras, in which you can:
  1. Record and analyze your swing
  2. Save your swings in your database
  3. Adding any comments
  4. Compare your swing with:
  5. Tour Players
  6. Your past swings extracted from your database
  7. The lesson you have done with your coach
  8. Share the recording using the swing catalyst app in your smartphone, social media and friends
  • Practice at the driving range
  • Play different courses in 4K resolution

Pro Putting green with Putt View Technology and Capto:

The biggest putting green indoor in Singapore with 2 PuttView Systems that help develop skills and awareness in your putting stroke.

The slope goes from 0% up to 4%, giving you an immense variety of putts.

The longest putt you will have is 16 meters. The good thing of this putting grass is the capability to eliminate those external factors such as spikes mark, grain, small impediments, cut of the grass etc. that alter the pure roll of the ball.