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Who are we?


Rental Bay

Train your golf skills indoors at our rental bay with the best technologies in the market at an affordable and flexible rates. Service Inclusive of: Foresight Range | Video Swing Analysis | 3D Putting Green Usage | Club Data Collection | 9 and 18 Holes Game

Golf Coaching

Our programs are more than just golf lessons — it's about transformation. We don’t guess, we measure by using our technologies; Swing Catalyst, Foresight, 3D Puttview & 3D Capto System, we analyse your motions, making accurate assessments to achieve your results in a short time.

Strength & Conditioning

With the help of our expert Kinesiologist, our clients learn how to maximize their performance with a specific training based on their needs.


We organise various masterclass events catered to all golfers. Unlike a traditional workshop, we craft an unqiue approach and experience for all attendees.

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Why db golf center?

The mission

We aspire to foster a relationship of trust with our students, cultivating profound self-respect and respect for others. Golf transcends a mere sport; it is a way of life. It engages the entire being—both mentally and physically—where the human body becomes the vessel for ultimate expression and technique. As such, golf is a sport to be cherished, honored, and elevated, all while acknowledging its limitations and harnessing its power for positive transformation

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