Our Vision

Our Vision

"Find the most efficient and easiest way to hit the ball and to be the most consistent, based on the physical capability of the student"


To be able to extract the best from each Golfer, Amateur to Professional Golfers, through 3 areas: golf coaching, fitness and physio.

We all know how important the golf technique is and with the help of a great fitness program and physiotherapy, we will accelerate your growth and performance, in particular:

  • Prevent injuries,
  • Add speed and power
  • Add control and balance
  • Reduce fatigue on the course

The goal is to move better. Movement is vital. The way your body moves affects how you swing the club. We need to swing efficiently and consistently.

How much we move, is not that important,

How well we move is very important,

How we produce rotation is essential.

As you know many Tour Players don't have a unique and symmetrical movement, but what makes them similar is their kinematics sequence: the sequencing of the rotation speeds of the body segments (pelvis, torso, lead arm and shaft speed) during the entire swing.

There are two important aspects to analyze in golfers and both are vital:

  • The Kinematics sequence
  • The Kinetics (forces applied that cause a movement). 

The kinetics causes the kinematics. Before any action, there is always a force that has been applied.

"What you can't see, causes what you see".

At the DB Golf Center, we are able to collect the kinetics with the use of our technologies, working on what really anticipates the motion itself.

Our ultimate goal is to be able to create a relationship of trust with the student, embracing deep respect for themselves and others. It’s a sport that involves the whole being, mental and physical, identifying the human body as the instrument of ultimate expression and technique. That’s why it’s a sport to be loved, respected and enhanced, but also accepted with the understanding of its limits and with the transformation of it into positive. Growth takes place outside of your comfort zone.

The body guides our emotions. Our state of mind starts to influence our body and becomes a sort of vicious circle. The way we are will influence our thinking and our behavior. Mistakes are inevitable, but don’t let them define you. What you believe, you receive. The decisions we make, the actions we take, bring weight. Own who you are, be proud of who you are. Stand up for what you believe!

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DB Golf Center Team