Over the last 10 years, the sport worldwide has changed and many sports never considered before have become known . . Golf is still considered by many people an "old School" sport. Today golf is considered the second most difficult sport in the world, surpassed only by the pole jump. The athletic movement of the swing is shifting more towards the power generated by the body and not just the lines/plane of the swing and the club as it moves through space . As a result, the tendency has been to build golf courses longer and longer. 
The concept of biomechanics was first born in 1964 through Dr. Richard Nelson who discovered how animals, such as horses, or people were able to generate power .

Some years later, in 1969, the 3D system was introduced by Noble & Kelley using a simple soccer ball as a study system, cameras in 2D were placed 360 degrees around the ball. In 1984 for the first time it was introduced to the sport of baseball, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the movement and prevent injuries. In the world of golf, and throughout all sports, thanks to technology and recent studies the sequence kinematics was identified as not enough to of have an excellent response from the ball. ( The kinematics sequence is the study and description of movement ) on the course we have several other very important keys, of course, the mental aspect greatly influences the result regardless of the sport , at the same time the kinematics must be helped by the kinetics which means : force, pressure, torque, momentum, force, momentum. A fifth and final component is the mechanics, or the science that studies the influence of the forces in the body. These five components are always related to each other in every part of the game, from drivers to putters. 

We are, as most of the greatest biomechanic engineers describe , just at the beginning of a long period of studies. In the near future there will be many improvements, on how the club must move in space such as how the body must apply pressure, force and rotation during linear and angular movement .

Team dbprogolf