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Who are we?


We don’t guess, we measure!

Swing catalyst, foresight, Capto, Desmotec and 3D System allow us to define your DNA. We analyze your motion, making accurate assessments. We achieve results in short time!

We are expert in Putting!

Capto together with SIK Technology and PuttView create an unbeatable process and trust.

Strength & Conditioning

With the help of our expert Kinesiologist, our clients learn how to maximize their performance with a specific training based on their needs.


The role of the physiotherapist in sport is vital. Athletes need to be constantly assessed to prevent and treat injuries! A Combination of Golf technique, Physiotherapy and Strength & Conditioning is necessary for a great and free pain movement.

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Why db golf center?

The mission

Able to create a relationship of trust with the student, embracing a deep respect for themselves and others. Golf is a way of being, a life style... It’s a sport that involves the whole being, mental and physical, identifying the human body as the instrument of ultimate expression and technique. That’s why it’s a sport to be loved, respected and enhanced, but also accepted with the understanding of its limits and with the transformation of it into positive..

Ideas + Action = Change