Have you realised how important the position of your hands are on the grip⁉️ I strongly suggest you follow the picture I made for you: 

✅ Top Grip: the best and safest position. It allows you to achieve a great club head speed, with the highest chance of engaging the sole and the bounce. 
⚠️ Middle Grip for two scenarios: - Ball slightly higher than your feet = The radius is shorter. You can straighten your body position and/or grip in the middle. - if you are looking for a toe impact. In this case the shaft is getting steeper and you have to move closer to the ball. 
⛔️ Bottom Grip: very high risk of engaging your wrist to get good speed of the club causing both, fat and top shots. Body position is also bent too forward.

The ONLY reasons to grip it at the bottom are: the ball is higher than your feet or in a tough lie. 💥💥💥💥💥