PGA SHOW 28-29 January 2023 at

Orange County Club



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The Force’s Effect - 28 January 2023

7:45 Registration

Morning session


  • How the body structure influences the way we move
  • Anatomy and function of the most important joint and muscles
  • How the posture influences the overall system
  • The helical angles: narrow to narrow vs wide to wide
  • How to achieve a healthy, efficient, and free pain motion in the swing
  • Amateurs vs Pros swing styles. It’s not how it looks but how it works.
  • Relationship between ground reaction force and motion. What to look at, timing, efficiency, and how to intervene.
  • Sequence of learning and moving
  • Reaction in an action: anticipation is the key
  • Learning how Reactive neuromuscular training works
  • The thought and understanding behind the movement
  • Forces applied in the hands and club
  • 3D analysis


Lunch break

Afternoon session

Practical session:

  • Assessment
  • Identifying the body structure and how the player generates force
  • Deep focus on 3D assessment
  • Efficiency vs free motion pain
  • Learning how Reactive neuromuscular training works
  • Live session

5:00 Pm - End of day 1



The Wedge Zone - 29 January 2023


Morning session


  • The Wedge Zone Concept
  • GCquad Data
  • The Low Point Control
  • Hand path in relation to the release
  • The magic window: loft, lie, impact location, angle of attack, efficiency, speed, launch angle, spin
  • The role of the hands in the Myofascial Sequences
  • Wedge Grip Pressure: grip pressure research findings
  • Fundamentals and preferences in the short game, around the 3 areas: express, distance, and finesse wedge
  • Resistor vs Releaser: the trail arm
  • Wrist and body 3D Bull Data
  • Technique: Am vs Tour Players. Efficiency vs Inefficiency
  • Strategy: identify the best trajectory, peak and landing spot

Lunch break

Afternoon session

Practical, hands on!

  • Looking at the GCQuad data, what’s the Action plan to maximize the numbers
  • 3D Bull Player assessment
  • Be in the magic window: how to change the mechanic, behavior and belief system
  • One club for different trajectories. How to adapt the body and what to look for
  • Maximize impact location, spin and trajectory
  • The Spin Wedge shot


4:00 Pm - End of day 2



Davide Bertoli

Owner of DB Golf Center

Creator of: The Wedge Zone & The Force's Effect

Grip Pressure and Swing catalyst Stance width Researches in Wedges.

Advised: over 100 Coaches and 11 Tour Players

Ambassador: Swing Catalyst & Cobra Puma Golf

Speaker: over 30 workshops and Sports Singapore General Athletes


Mark Bull

Owner of 3D Bull System and Academy

Mark has a PhD in Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Science and is also a fully qualified PGA coach.

Mark’s research: why players move and swing the way they do and what influences the players swing and performance, including areas such as anatomy, physiology, neurological learning and how areas such as our experiences, perceptions, concepts and beliefs have a significant influence on how we swing and perform.

Advised: over 500 PGA coaches as well as multiple physiotherapists, chiropractors and strength coaches.

Speaker: Mark features as a guest speaker on many podcasts, guest webinars and other media formats including Skysports Golf

Ambassador: Titleist

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